Saturday, 7 November 2015

Reason to leave me?

Sooner or later most of the people leave us and only few stay with us all through our life. Those who stay are the real friends and relations, who actually make a difference in our life. A question that disturbs me is that when future is not certain, why people claim or promise to stay forever through  every ups and downs of the journey or to be with us throughout our life.

Life in itself is uncertain, it can go in any direction at any point of time. However, people may have to take some very hard and tough decisions depending on the circumstances. The decision could be of being with someone or leaving them. The decision could be of hurting the other person or yourself. If we can't be sure whether we can walk along with someone forever or not, then why do we give positive hopes to people, lie to them as well as to ourselves. How do we figure out that we need to part our ways with someone, so that we can be prepared of letting that person go? Also, if we can anticipate about it, we won’t get hurt when people will leave us in a sudden lurch. We would be geared up with the strength to recover from the mental and emotional injury. These questions always form a cloud of confusion.

While I was writing my book one thing that kept knocking my mind was that maybe most of the people stay in our life for a reason and they leave when their part of the role in our life is completed.

I have tried articulating the same in my book e-love* * Terms & conditions apply which will be released in December. Explore what “e-love” is and how it's connected to your story or story of someone you know.

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