Saturday, 2 April 2016

Book Review #2- Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi

I am done with all the three masterpieces by Amish. The first part of Shiva Trilogy i.e. The immortals of Melhua was about a brahmin Shiva, who happened to come to Melhua with his tribe. Melhuians find Shiva as Neelkanth because of his Blue throat and considers him the one who will set the entire country free from the evil. An unknown evil for which Shiva sets a journey, visits the major parts of India along with his troop. His story was narrated in three parts by the author and he was successfully able to connect the entire journey. Shiva comes across various traditions, perception, thoughts during his journey which makes him to lead towards his ultimate aim of getting rid of the evil. Shiva also comes across numerous people such as his wife, wife’s real sister, wife’s kid from her ex-husband and many other people. In this entire journey author showed several aspects of various traditions which were there in India and at some places still exists such as Dharma is biggest than any other thing in world, Follow the rule of Humanity, If good is there, then evil can also be there, Evil is part of good. Author has shown the love of husband for his wife, son for his parents, and father for his daughter. He had successfully depicted the series of events which proved that a strong bound of love can make any one do anything, go beyond their saturation point. In second part of the book Shiva, reveals the secret of Naga tribe, who were considered the evil but in final part they come to know the real evil and the way to destroy the same.
So it’s a must read for all those who likes suspense, thriller and excitement. A perfect book; seriously written in background of ancient India and on mythological base. Words were chosen carefully, cover page was stunning and impressive. From my side 5 out of 5 to the entire series. Read the entire series then only you will be able to cherish the story.

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