Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Book review : "Playing it my way" Sachin Tendulkar Autobiography

Any need to post my review about the autobiography? I think there is any need to post. When God of cricket Sachin himself wrote his story, there could not be  any chance to give less then 5 star. I feel even ***** (5 stars) can't do justice to the book.

Beautifully scribbled the journey of one of the finest cricketer, India has ever produced. Needless to say this book gives insight of Sachin's life and how did he mange to become the greatest cricketer of the history.

A must read for every one who likes cricket. It gives a chance to travel the past time when a sixteen year boy played his first international cricket match. It gives a chance to see how did Sachin go ahead with his career and became legend of the game.

Happy to know about him and will always cherish his contribution to the game.

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