Sunday, 14 February 2016

Technology and life

Since the day of the release of my book titled "e-Love* *Terms & Conditions Applied", my name got replaced with my debut novel’s name. People started calling me by the title of my novel “e-Love”. This is something an author always looks for. The day when the book was released, the question which was repeatedly asked was “what is e-Love?" I tried to answer and put acute efforts to highlight the real meaning of e-Love. As a part of human behaviour I was counter questioned, "It's very common these days, what's in your book that makes it different?" “Every love story is different in some or other way. This story will tell that every time in life we make some choices and how those choices shape our further lives." I said. Through this book I am not particularly concentrating on love but trying to show one big change that we gradually embrace in our life.

Today a smart phone has replaced many objects like video game which used to be fascinating for a kid, television for which siblings used to fight to see the desired television show, physical calendar where we used to put a circle around a date and make a note, and most importantly, the way of our traditional conversation. Earlier, on every occasion we used to call our near and dear ones to wish them. It was a way of showing our love and affection towards them. If the call was not made, it was a mark of forgetting the occasion. Now do we call on every occasion?  There will be a pool of people in a group like family, friends or something. On a special day the group admin will change the name of the group and bingo, people will post their messages in the group. Ironically, many a times it happens that it is later discovered that the person for whom all happy messages were sent was not active and that would become the topic of the next conversation. People will forget the real event and then will debate on some other topic and ultimately they would laugh and forget the matter. Dramatically, now to check if our beloved one is sleeping or not, we would check their last seen on WhatsApp or their last active moment on Facebook. When there was no Facebook or WhatsApp how did people use to check? Walk towards their room, open the door without making din, pop into the room and see. Smile looking at their face and go back closing the door behind them. Wasn't that an amazing feeling that has been lost into this technological era?

Every façade of life has changed to a dramatic limit and now we find that nothing can happen to go back to previous old life where technology was supplementary to fulfil the needs. How many of us would like to go and live in a peaceful place where there would be no internet, no technology? For instance you may agree on it but if I add the word “permanently”?  Hands which were raised are now getting a place on or around waist. Right? My whole point of this write up was to tell that no doubt technology has lead us to live a lavishing life and has made it full of comfort but has it unleashed the true potential of our life? Don't we prefer to do everything on mobile rather than doing it in real life? We prefer playing candy crush or temple run rather than playing some outdoor games which would also make us more physical and strong?

While coming to the end of this article, I would request you to make a list of your goals and against write the way to achieve those goals. Now draw a column beside; the way to achieve those goals and write the caption “use of technology” and again draw a column near to that and write anything which can be alternative of the technology. One by one write the goal, way to achieve those goals and write use of technology to achieve and finally write the alternate.

Post this exercise, you will be able to judge for yourself how much this articles holds true for you as well and whether you would like to bring a change in your life with respect to technology.

There is a world outside the virtual world, if we can get some time let’s explore that creation of God, it might give us some wonderful moments.

I tried best to illuminate the impact of "e" in our life and article is inspired from my book e-love, a love saga written in virtual world.

Thank you for patience reading. Do write your thoughts on the same.


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